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Hades Kitchen

We don’t just rely on software, we like to give our work the soul and individuality that is synonymous with manual techniques wherever possible.
This project allowed us to do exactly that.

Combined with technical knowledge and experience, our clients are left with a truly unique Brand Identity which fits perfectly alongside their ethos and attitude.

Inspired during stint living in Norway and established shortly after returning; Hades Kitchen is a Pop-Up Kitchen combining a love of great, locally sourced ingredients, music (specifically Punk Rock & Metal and a little Pop Music) and Good Grilling.

Head Chef and proprietor George is also a well connected DJ and Producer, also having been in a number of Punk and Metal bands throughout the years.
As a result, he’s very aware that image can make or break a project and also the visual themes that run through the very things that had been his influences.

Our job: to tie it all together, creating a bold, memorable, unique Brand Identity that delivers.

If we ever felt particular pressure to deliver on a project, this was the one.
Judging by Client feedback, we think we did OK.

  • Hades Kitchen: Recipe

    • 1 tsp: Norse / Pagan Pentacle
    • 1 tbsp: Mythology
    • 30g: Pan Stain
    • 100g: D.I.Y. Punk Rock Ethos
    • 1 Whole, Untrimmed: Bovine/Death Metal Skull
    Combine all main ingredients, bring to a light simmer for 20 mins, allow to cool, garnish with Pan Stain before serving.


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