Services - Connive - Comprehensive Media Solutions
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Your Comprehensive Media & Design Solution

If what you require falls within the expansive fields of Multimedia & Graphic Design, Photography or Print services…

You’re in just the right place.

  • Photography

    Head Shots, Promotional Material, Events and much more.

  • Web Design

    Static, Dynamic or an Online Store, whatever you require.

  • Print

    Business Cards, Flyers, Poster or Billboards, and everything inbetween ...

  • Videography

    Music Videos, Promotional Material, Social Media stings...

  • Signage & Display

    Roller Banners, Posters, Banners, Signage, Window & Vehicle Graphics...

  • Graphic Design

    Logo, Artworking, Typography, Article Layouts and more...

  • Illustration

    Artworking, Visual Interpretation, Concept Work

  • Social Media Management

    From Social Media Strategy Advice to Full Account Management.

  • Consultation

    Promotional Best Practice, Social Media, Brand Identity & Branding...

The Best Solution For Your Business

By fulfilling your needs under one roof, we remove the need for inter agency communication and the complications that often inherently brings .

Leading to a pleasant experience void of the usual stress, whilst simultaneously saving you time and money.