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JackCity – Rehab (Live, Multicam Onetake)

Unveiling the Beat: JackCity’s One-Take Multicam Music Video

In the dynamic realm of music, spontaneity often births brilliance. When long-time collaborator and friend, JackCity, reached out for a last-minute live video, we seized the opportunity to showcase his artistry in an unfiltered, one-take multicam music video.

With a stroke of luck and our gears always at the ready, we found ourselves with a rare opening in our schedule just as JackCity’s request came in. A swift phone call revealed that his studio in Leeds was the perfect backdrop for this impromptu creative endeavor.

Within the hour, our team, armed with an arsenal of equipment, descended upon the studio. Lighting was rigged to perfection, cameras gripped with precision, and audio capture poised for every beat and lyric. The result? A mesmerizing one-take multicam music video that encapsulates the raw energy of JackCity’s performance.

What sets this project apart is the intricacy involved not only in capturing the live performance but also in the meticulous editing process. With cuts seamlessly placed between angles, the final product tells a visual story that feels both spontaneous and polished.

This project is a testament to our ability to adapt swiftly, turning last-minute opportunities into creative masterpieces. As JackCity’s verses echoed in the studio, our cameras danced in harmony, creating a music video that transcends the ordinary.

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