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McGregor Vs Mayweather Promotional T-Shirts

Unleashing Extraordinary T-Shirts for an Epic Boxing Match

The Den’s Bar Team faced a unique challenge – they needed standout promotional T-shirts for the highly anticipated Connor McGregor Vs Floyd Mayweather Boxing Match. Being a boundary-pushing Design Agency, we eagerly embraced the opportunity to create something extraordinary.

We went beyond the ordinary, meticulously crafting a garment that not only wowed with its design but also exceeded expectations in terms of durability. We understood the importance of providing a sturdier solution that could withstand the demands of a bustling bar environment.
Despite the demanding deadline, we rose to the occasion, developing a bespoke one-color design that flawlessly blended style and functionality.

But that’s not all. At Connive, we seize every opportunity to showcase our expertise. With this project, we aimed to demonstrate our skills in creating custom workwear and promotional garments, combining the two. The T-shirts we designed for The Den not only turned heads with their eye-catching visuals but also went above and beyond what was initially expected.

We didn’t stop at fulfilling mere promotional needs. We took into consideration the practical concerns of The Den’s dynamic work environment. Our finely crafted garments were designed not just for a one-time event, but with longevity in mind, allowing the staff to keep them as cherished keepsakes. Moreover, we ensured exceptional comfort, allowing The Den’s staff to move freely and confidently while serving customers.

This project not only showcased our commitment to innovation and quality but also provided the Bar Team with a unique and long-lasting representation of their brand’s event.

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