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Unveiling Creative Stories: Videography Beyond Boundaries

Capturing moments that tell compelling stories through a lens.
Whether it’s a live-action music video, social media teaser, animated lyric video, or a promotional piece, our videography expertise brings your vision to life with creativity and precision.


JackCity – One of TheseLive Action, Music Video

Shot on a typical wet British summer day, “One Of These” features various areas around Kirkstall in Leeds.
What started as a test shoot evolved into a fully-fledged music video.
Despite unexpected weather challenges, we adapted, scouted suitable locations, and produced a captivating video that defied the odds.

JackCity – UntitledSocial Media Teaser

Hip Hop Artist JackCity sought a video short for a “Cypher” he’d recorded.
We crafted a social media teaser, leveraging its minute length for platforms like Instagram and Facebook Ads.
Our focus was on creating a visually engaging snippet that left a lasting impact.

JackCity – Games ft Soul DeepLyric Video, Animation, 3D Space

For the single “Games,” we ventured into a 3D animated lyric video, breaking away from the conventional 2D norm.
Challenging ourselves further, we animated both the background and typography in a 3D space, delivering a visually dynamic and engaging experience.

JackCity – RehabLive, Multicam Onetake

JackCity’s spontaneous request for a live video led to the creation of “Rehab.”
Shot on location in his studio, this multicam onetake video captures the energy and authenticity of a live performance.
With rigged lighting, cameras, audio capture, we seamlessly produced a memorable live video.

Vigilance – Promotional VideoOn Location, Live Action, Nightlife

For Vigilance, an underground/rave-style event, we crafted a promotional video that authentically portrayed the vibrant nightlife experience.
Utilising minimal auxiliary lighting, we let the venue’s lighting and environmental effects shine through, capturing the unique charm of Vigilance.
The video incorporated live audio feeds from the event, enhancing its immersive appeal.

VUDU, YorkPromotional Video, On Location, Live Action, Nightlife

VUDU enlisted us to create a short promotional video for Freshers Week, showcasing the vibrant atmosphere of their venue.
Through dynamic live-action shots and captivating nightlife scenes, we delivered a promotional video that encapsulates the energy and allure of VUDU during this special week.


Let us turn your ideas into captivating visual stories.
We go beyond the ordinary, creating videos that resonate with audiences and leave a lasting impression.

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