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About This Project

JackCity – One of TheseLive Action, Music Video

Shot on a typical wet, British summers day One Of These features a number of areas around Kirkstall in Leeds.
What started out as a test shoot quickly evolved into a fully fledged Video.

We set out that day to shoot for a completely different track, but the weather had other plans.
The relentless downpour was simply not suitable for the track we had in mind.
Rather than strike the day off to bad luck, we switched things up, ploughed through.
We reccied some suitable locations, planned a shoot, and shot for the above video instead.


JackCity – Untitled – Social Media Teaser

Hip Hop Artist JackCity wanted a video short for a “Cypher” he’d recorded.
After consulting, it was decided it would be best used for a social media “Sting”.
Reason being it was too short to for the dedication needed for a full music video production, however it was felt it was perfect for use on Instagram, as well as the Facebook Ads Platform at just a minute long.


JackCity – Games ft Soul Deep – Lyric Video, Animation, 3D Space

JackCity, Leeds based Hip-Hop Artist, asked us to put him together an animated Lyric Video for his single “Games”.
We played around with a few ideas before deciding that instead of animating in a 2D space, as is the norm for lyric videos, we would animate in a 3D space.


Typically, wanting a challenge we took it one step further. We animated the background of the video in a 3D space as well asthe typography.


JackCity – RehabLive, Multicam Onetake

JackCity approached us about doing a last minute live video, having had some rare free time pop up. It just so happened that we’d had a cancellation.
We discussed locations over the phone before deciding that his studio was just the place for the job. We loaded out and we were on our way to his studio in Leeds with a whole host of equipment within the hour.

Lighting rigged, Cameras gripped and Audio Capture at the ready, the above was shot, leaving cuts just between angles to be made in post.


Vigilance – Promotional Video On Location, Live Action, Nightlife

Vigilance were looking for Promotional video which not only acted as a promotional vessel for their Events but effectively put across the over all vibe the nights had. Already covering their events by means of Event Photography, we were well prepared for the job at hand.
With Vigilance being an “Underground/Rave” style event that covered a variety of genres, we made the decision that minimal auxiliary lighting was to be used, taking advantage of the venue’s lighting and specific environmental lighting and effects installed by the Vigilance team for the events. This was done to capture the look and feel of the event in the most genuine way we could, had we used too much auxiliary lighting, it would have lost the charm of Vigilance and looked like any other night at Zoso.
We took a feed from the sound system used on the night and paired that with our shots and some live captured audio in post.


VUDU, York – Promotional Video On Location, Live Action, Nightlife

VUDU asked us to put together a short Promotional Video for them to use during Freshers Week.

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