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JackCity ft. SoulDeep – Games

Elevating the Verse: Animated Lyric Video for JackCity’s “Games”

JackCity, the trailblazing Hip-Hop Artist from Leeds, approached us with a visionary request: an animated Lyric Video for his single “Games.”
Rather than conforming to the norm of animating in a 2D space, we set out to push the boundaries and ventured into the immersive realm of 3D animation.

But why stop there?

In our pursuit of creative challenges, we elevated the project one step further. Not only did we animate the kinetic typography in a 3D space, but we also delved into the depths of 3D animation to bring the entire background to life.
The result?
A visual masterpiece where kinetic type and multi-layered textures dance harmoniously in a vibrant 3D space, seamlessly complementing JackCity’s rhythm, flow and lyrics.

This animated Lyric Video is not just a showcase of artistic prowess; it’s a testament to our commitment to innovation and pushing creative boundaries.
JackCity’s “Games” comes to life in a visual symphony, where every lyric finds its dynamic expression in a mesmerizing 3D environment.

Ready to transform your music into a visual spectacle?
Contact us today and let’s craft an animated experience that takes your artistry to new dimensions.

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