Nightlife & Event Coverage - Connive - Comprehensive Media Solutions
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Nightlife & Event Coverage

From the Midlands to Newcastle, we’ve covered events across the country.
Whether it be Celebrity Meet and Greets, Live Performances and Personal Appearances to High Society Balls, the After-Party or Weekly Student Events. No event is too grand or indeed too small.

Many event photographers shoot in a fairly egotistical style; their shots being treated so that it’s obvious, to those who know their work, that they covered the event.

Whilst a photographers individual style may be what is desired in some cases, we believe, that the event or venues character and atmosphere are most important and shoot in a way that captures that best.
After all, we’re there to promote the venue, event and or clubnight, not ourselves.

It’s much more effective for the client in question if those viewing the photos get feel for what it is they are offering.

Some of our Previous Clients include