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Bands, DJs & Musicians

What we can do for you

Enhance Your Visual Identity: DJs, Artists, and Bands

Elevate your presentation and merchandise to new heights with Connive’s tailored solutions for DJs, artists, and bands.
In a society driven by visuals and the pervasive influence of social media, the visual appeal of your brand is more critical than ever.
First impressions matter, and we understand the importance of capturing attention from the first glance.

Planning a tour?

Ensure you leave a lasting impression with custom Tour Passes for your band crew, close friends, and anyone seeking extended access.
Need bulk merchandise orders for your fans?
Consider it sorted.

Explore our range of custom promotional products designed to amplify your brand presence.
From Flyers and Stickers to Posters, Stage Banners, and Slipmats, we have you covered.
But our offerings go beyond the expected – imagine customizing Drum Skins to feature your logo, creating a striking visual impact during your performances. That’s just the start.

Visuals for your Audibles

When it comes to your visual content, Connive offers a comprehensive suite of services.
Our Photography and Videography services capture the essence of your performances, creating engaging content for your online presence.
Whether it’s live show coverage, behind-the-scenes moments, or promotional shoots, our team ensures your visuals resonate with your unique style.
We’re always open to another Music Video project!

Looking to create captivating artwork for your singles, albums, or promotional posters?
Our Graphic Design and Photography services collaborate seamlessly, delivering visuals that not only reflect your musical identity but also stand out in a crowded digital landscape.
From press release photography to eye-catching artwork, we provides the visual storytelling tools you need.

Our support doesn’t end there

Need a professional website to showcase your tour dates, discography, and engage with your fanbase?
Our Website Design & Build services cater to your unique needs, creating a digital hub that resonates with your artistic identity.

Looking to extend your online reach and engage with your audience?
Our Social Media Content Creation and Management services are crafted to make your presence felt across digital platforms.
Let your music not only be heard but also visually experienced, creating a connection with your audience that goes beyond the stage.

Connive is not just a supplier; we’re your creative partner in amplifying your brand, capturing attention, and ensuring your visual identity aligns with the brilliance of your music.
Whether you’re heading on tour, releasing new music, or engaging with your fanbase, let Connive be your ally in the visual realm of the music industry.