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Brand Identity, Business, Graphic Design, Projects

Foodinati: Crafting Culinary Identities Beyond the Plate

Enter the Foodinati, a clandestine alliance of independent chefs and restaurateurs in Harrogate, united by a shared mission to champion Independent Dining Establishments and Cuisine Outlets.
While their operations may not be as secretive as the legends suggest, their commitment to nurturing independent culinary excellence is unequivocal.

Surviving the ever-evolving culinary landscape requires more than just exceptional dishes—it demands a distinct brand identity.
That’s where Connive steps in.
For the Foodinati, we delved into the realm of design, creating a bespoke brand identity that encapsulates the spirit of independence whilst leaning on the imagery of the fabled Illuminati.

From crafting a distinctive logo that speaks volumes to printing a range of garments that embody the essence of the Foodinati, our mission was clear: to visually articulate their dedication to the Independent agenda.
The result?
A visual feast that extends beyond the plate and resonates with the vibrant characters behin the culinary scene in Harrogate.

Ready to infuse your culinary brand with identity and style?

Whether it’s a logo, printed garments, or more, let Connive be your creative partner.
Contact us today, and let’s embark on a visual journey that captures the unique essence of your culinary identity.