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Menus – Half Fold


  • Half Fold
  • A4
  • A5

Menus – Half Fold

If you’re a restaurant, café, hotel, takeaway, pub, bar or nightclub then make sure you make a good first impression with your customers using our wide range of menus.
From traditional booklet style menus to something completely different, we’ve got a menu for every occasion and every business.

Single fold / Half fold menus are available in either A4 or A5 size.
Sizing is designated using the dimensions of the front face once the item has been folded.

How Many Should You Order…?

– Bear with us here, this isn’t a hard sell.

Many are unsure as to how many Menus they should order.

Our advice is:

Take the number of covers you have,

Combine that with the number of Tills and or Stations you have Front of House,

Add 2 for wall display by the Pass, enabling you to show both sides at once.

Add 2 for wall display by the Pass, enabling you to show both sides at once.

Multiply that figure by 2.

Then it’s just a case of rounding up to the nearest amount on our quantity scale.


For example,
Say you have 50 Covers, 2 Tills, 1 Waiters Station, a Desert Station.
That would be 56 including your Pass Wall Display.
Multiplying that by 2 would leave you with 112.

For Bars and Nightlife Venues, we suggest substituting Covers for Tables and Drinks Service Sections.
– Pubs with Food Service and Gastropubs we advise you combine both Covers and  and Drinks Service Sections.

Why do we suggest these figures?

Following a number of years in the Service Industry and customers returning for repeat orders, the following has all been taken into consideration.

Menus get taken and go missing

Sounds strange, but you’ll be amazed at how many people, often with a little Dutch courage, like to take souvenirs following a great experience, especially visitors who are away from home.

Menus suffer from Damage and Wear and Tear

As much as we offer a sturdy, hard-wearing product, Menus receive quite a lot of  punishment and can only take so much before they need replacing.
After all, in an industry reliant on presentation and appeasing the senses, nobody wants to be handing beaten up, stained menus to customers.

A dog-eared menu, a good impression doth not make.

We highly recommend circulating some menus


The very same ones you give your sit in customers to peruse…


Because it gives you that edge over the competition.
It puts your brand in the spotlight, first impressions matter, so make it the best possible impression, you only get to give the one.

Pass them out to Local Bed & Breakfasts, Apart-hotels, Serviced Apartments…
Their customers might not intend to come in, but who’s to say they won’t order for delivery or takeaway?
– This way, you’re already head and tail above the competition.
Who’s to say seeing such a well presented menu won’t change their minds?

The same applies to Food Writers, Local Press and Media – Give yourself that edge.

All the aforementioned can result in big business, so why skimp with something like a photocopy that’s likely to be discarded?

Of course, you’ll want a condensed, less hardy, separate version for including in To-Go Bags, Take-outs, Deliveries and handing out at events you participate in. – We can take care of that too

Finally, Economy

It’s much cheaper in the long run, to print “too many” than find the need to return for a 2nd or 3rd batch down the line, resulting in a much higher unit price.

– Told you it wasn’t a hard sell
Should you still be reluctant to commit to that figure, we’d highly advise going no lower than 1.5 when multiplying your calculation above. As at this point you’ll be cutting it very close to not having enough.

Available Fold Types

Half Fold

Product Specification

Silk Coated,
Matt Laminated,

This is a Wipe Clean product.

Thanks to the 400gsm cardstock and extra matt lamination the Menus have a much longer expected lifetime.


Artworking is available should you need us to transfer your designs onto our print templates.
Should you need something designing from scratch we can take care of that to. Send us a message with what you require via our Contact page and we can get it all organised for you.

Fold Type

Half Fold


25, 50, 75, 100




None, Required (+£20)

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